Exquisite corpse is a collaborative art game in which a piece of paper is folded into segments and filled in by multiple artists. Each section is completed without knowing what the other artists have drawn. Hint lines connect each section so the "corpse" is continuous. After the last section is complete, the paper is unfolded and revealed to all.

Typically the game is played with three sections so that a head, torso, and legs are drawn by three different people.

Read about the origins of the game here https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-explaining-exquisite-corpse-surrealist-drawing-game-die

I made this digital version of exquisite corpse for all to enjoy the game virtually.

This project is open source: https://github.com/abigpotostew/exquisitecorpse-sls

Do you have feedback or feature requests? Please report a new issue on github.


These hotkeys are available while on a desktop computer.

  • D - Draw mode
  • E - Erase mode
  • Z - Undo
  • R - Redo
  • 1 - Pen size extra small (1 pixel)
  • 2 - Pen size medium (5 pixels)
  • 3 - Pen size large (15 pixels)
  • 4 - Pen size huge (30 pixels)
  • 4 - Pen size max (100 pixels)